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Caturday Covers the Fall

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Like The Velvet Underground, The Fall are one of those bands where once you know they exist you can hear their influence in nearly every band you like from the past twenty years. FOR EXAMPLE:

The Fall – The Classical (off Hex Enduction Hour)
Pavement – The Classical (off of the Major Leagues EP, mostly)
Pavement basically stole all their early tricks from The Fall. Any time Pavement uses the word “hex” in their music or album art, they stole that from The Fall. In fact, the first few album covers look exactly like Fall album covers with the words changed. Take the drunken slurry of vocal nonsense in a typical Fall song and replace its lager’d-up boastfulness with, like, slacker cockiness and sloppy guitar playing and you have a Pavement song.

The Fall – My New House (off of This Nation’s Saving Grace)
Sonic Youth – My New House (off of 4 Tunna Brix)
Sonic Youth take the locked-down groove and tighten it even further, until it’s so tight that it sounds like a, um, Sonic Youth song. This band is a machine made out of people playing musical instruments.

The Fall – Winter
The Fiery Furnaces – Winter
The Fiery Furnaces, unsurprisingly, take the ALL CAPS EMPHATIC VOCAL DELIVERY and then dismantle the music, using their piano blues thing they do to punctuate the vocals in that way that little kids like and college professors thirty years hence will smoke pipes and study. (I appreciate that Eleanor Friedberger injects the tiniest melancholy into the vocals here rather than relying on her robot voice, which would have been more like Mark E. Smith anyway, so she was probably just being contrary).

The Fall – Bill is Dead
Mogwai – Bill is Dead
I didn’t know this cover existed until yesterday. It’s Mogwai, but with Aidan Moffat from the Arab Strap singing. Holy shit. Also, it’s an atypically downtempo Fall song. That’s some poignancy triple threat for you there, dog.

Here is Mark E. Smith reading the football scores.


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Care of Brian Peppers Venerea Boehner

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For Tuppy and the Troubadorks

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band names:

Aspen Catheter
Anna Barrenballs
Chaps in Chapstick
Mikey Mouthtaste and the Mouthsketeers
View The Centerpiss
Her Macaulay Culkin Mouth
Move Your Hands and Make Small Decisions!
Jamestown Pondwater
Pleasure As Performance
Animal Self-Esteem
Orson Welles At The Window
The Notable Quiffs
Eckna Oryialis
Republican Ejaculations
Our Obvious Problem
The Golden Glitch
John Holmes And The Halfway Holmes
Context Is Active
Dick Yearnings

o god I can’t believe I just gave all those away

Lox and Bagels

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Start with this bagel recipe that begins the night before.  The next day find a different recipe when you realize you’ve used the wrong yeast. Boil them for a minute.

Bake them and they’re done because it’s easy.

The smoked salmon smoked for about 5 hours. I brined it in 1 to 1 salt and brown sugar.  I thought it was too salty but no one else cared.  Next time I’ll only brine it for maybe 5 hours and double the brown sugar.

Serve with veggies and Four Loko premium caffeinated alcoholic beverage.

Turns out you can make cream cheese by draining plain yogurt.  It was soft.

Ah ha ha ha

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yur a boehner too

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i know dun nobody read this thing that’s y i aint mine tellin yall bout how you can become a boehner 2.  just go ahead an click the lil blue twitter button there on the right and you can post straight through the tubes to the word wide net

one of my bros made this

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I knew it!

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the boehner family is totally right


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