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Caturday Covers – Parenthetical Girls

Posted: July 23rd, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Caturday Covers | Comments Off on Caturday Covers – Parenthetical Girls

Parenthetical Girls – Here’s To Forgetting, off of (((GRRRLS)))
Parenthetical Girls – Here’s To Forgetting (Xiu Xiu Mix), off of (((GRRRLS))) Alternate Mixes
Au – Here’s To Forgetting, off of Covers.
Nestled amongst the Parenthetical Girls’ usual songs about mother/sondaughter relations and inauspicious sexual encounters there are a very few deep cuts like this one where the typically florid lyrical braingasms paint a non-horrific picture (maybe sweet, even!) about awkward young love. What gives this one that Parenthetical Girls ineffability is that the remembering itself is clearly an attempt to exorcize the vividness of the memory recounted–in other words, the floridity is both a symptom and attempted cure of whatever makes this particular episode so hard to forget. In other, other words, it’s that thing of trying to make art out of something lodged in your consciousness that you hope the art-making will un-lodge forever so that you can move on and start being a grownup. Why are we still talking about this?

SPOILER ALERT: the Xiu Xiu remix is the best version. Which is NOT usually the case, BEING AS THAT a typical Xiu Xiu remix removes every hook and most traces of melody, hoses the whole thing down with a mixture of meningitis and contempt, and wraps it up in a bow made of broken machine noises. HOWEVER, in this case the simple addition of those, like, plodding bloops adds a metronomic regularity to the song that makes the whole question of forgetting absurd, instead highlighting the endless, looping quality of obsessive remembrance. The Au version is just ok.

Parenthetical Girls – This Regrettable End, off of Entanglements (previously made available in the place where we make things available)
No Kids – This Regrettable End, off of Covers.
This Regrettable End is the final song on Entanglements and lyrically and melodically ties the entire album together like a Lebowski rug. I for one love the dual crescendoes of “red as fresh-stretched post-fuck flesh” and (my favorite) “I’m oh so glad to go” [one of the album’s many Smiths references, this one to Asleep] / “what with woe-soaked underclothes.”

The No Kids cover sounds a bit like if Antlers covered the song with Da Da Da accidentally playing in the background, which is what I think I thought this was when it came up on shuffle the other day and prompted this entire digression.

If I have as usual failed to make you like the things that I like by not liking them hard enough, maybe I can ply you with this more traditionally “rocking” song, Young Throats, and its alarming video. This song is from my favorite ever Parenthetical Girls release, the Privilege pt. II EP, which has just now been made available in the place where we make things available (though not by ME officer! note the passive voice, officer!):

PARENTHETICAL GIRLS // Young Throats from theartof agency on Vimeo.

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