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Caturday Horsecovers

Posted: May 21st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Caturday Covers | Tags: | Comments Off on Caturday Horsecovers

Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather, off of Experimental Jetset, Trash and No Star, a good but not great (not Daydream Nation, maybe not even Goo) album.
The Go! Team – Bull In The Heather, off of some free promotion deal

This is the thing that Sonic Youth do that I love. They do other things fairly often, but this thing they do is the one that I look to Sonic Youth to do. The other things they do I could get from somewhere else, if I cared to, which I probably don’t, but there’s this one thing that they do that most other bands don’t or can’t do and that’s what I want Sonic Youth to do. One of the things they’re doing within the thing they do that I love is they are banging below the bridge of one of those surf-style guitars. That’s the very Sonic Youth-y sound in the beginning. Try doing this! You’ll fail, effortlessly. They succeed, effortlessly: that’s part of their thing they do; they succeed, effortlessly, while also being cool. (You know you’re a hipster if you sort of can’t believe it when a band is actually really good at playing their instruments, but I sort of can’t believe how effortlessly tight a paradigmatic Sonic Youth song like this one is.) That one thing that The Go! Team does was pretty played out, to use the parlance of our time, by the time their first album had stopped taking the world by storm and started taking all the TV commercials by storm. Some/all of my opinion on this band may be due to having a flawed mix of that first album, or having somehow messed up the equalization on the MP3s back in my fiddlier days. The point is, they give me a bad headache, instantaneously. But not here! This is a faithful recreation of this song, chosen, I assume, because it is a rock song that they can cover without really changing that thing they do, which is hire young people to chant while they play their instruments very well. Desert island-wise, I would obviously choose the Sonic Youth version, but if I accidentally ended up with The Go! Team cover I wouldn’t, like, kill myself or anything.

Let’s all shut up and watch the video for Bull In the Heather, in which a youngtiny Kathleen Hanna looks like she wants to get married (this video could maybe do with like five fewer concepts, guys):

Things we did not discuss: 1. horses, 2. the role of Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich in the titling of this song.